About – Hammerhead Debt

Hammerhead Debt Acquisition began operations in September of 2005. At inception, the company headquarters were located in Texas. In 2011, the company moved its legal registered office to Dover, Delaware. As of this date, the company headquarters are still located at 9 E. Loockerman St., Dover, Delaware, 19901.

Hammerhead Debt is considered a small business by government standards. Like many small businesses today, it utilizes a multicultural staff, with employees located both in the US and overseas. The company has 9-10 full-time staff members, along with 24/7 use of the national network of business bankruptcy attorneys employed by our V.C. Management Company.

Hammerhead Debt is directed by Dallas, Texas-based Z-Acquisition Group LLC.
Z-Acquisition Group is an international acquisition and venture capital group. Their primary focus is the distressed marketplace, with a secondary focus on select startup investments in new service and software-based businesses.

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