Hammerhead Debt – Acquiring Bad Debt from Dead-Beat Businesses

Welcome to the official website of Hammerhead Debt. Since you are visiting our website, we can assume your business is having a problem collecting a portion of your accounts receivable. At Hammerhead Debt, we offer a unique service which helps our clients recover revenue and cash which was lost due to deadbeat customers defaulting on receivables or invoices. The “hammerhead attack,” as we call it, is very different from a typical commercial collection agency process, as we will pay an upfront cash payment for your bad receivables, bad debt, delinquent invoices, business contract defaults, business lease defaults, or improperly cancelled purchase orders. And you get to keep the cash payment, even if we are unable to acquire the money owed by your former deadbeat customer.

If you would like to learn more about how the hammerhead attack program works, please click here (Hammerhead Attack) for specific details of the program. If you would rather go ahead and speak with someone at our company, please click here (Commercial Collection Agency – Hammerhead Debt) to go to our Contact Us page.

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